Our practice has grown through personal recommendations of our clients. We have not only built a business through recommendations, we have also formed life long friendships. Business is always done with people. We are absolutely grateful and excited by the clients we have and the special relationships we share with them.

2210 Foundation

Naveed Ahmad is an exceptional and consummate professional, whose approach to helping and supporting me with the financial side of my 2210 e-commerce fashion brand has been nothing less than amazing.

He is an inspirational and deep-thinking individual who brings a personal touch to his work. His help, advice and support has led to me making rapid progress with the development of 2210 and its business operations. I am truly grateful for this.

No matter how big you dream, Naveed will join you in making that dream come true.

Naveed is a special man and I highly recommend him and his services to anyone who is looking to set up a successful and thriving business.

Millbak Wealth

As MD of Millbak Wealth we have historically worked with West End accountants. But Naveed, what a nice guy and his team, have surpassed themselves when it comes to customer service. From Tax planning to payroll and VAT everything has gone to plan. We have a number of SPV’s designed to assist our investors and as a SIPP compliant company, HGA have provided detail and service that historically would have cost us thousands. Cannot praise them more highly.

BBFP Limited

Creative thoughts from a creative guy! We were involved in a funding round for a SEIS Fund - and Naveed was invaluable!!!!

Deberistain Wallace Solicitors

I have known Naveed for many years. He is extremely transparent, efficient and easy to work with. Naveed is also an extremely commercially minded accountant and has a thorough understanding of business.

We Are Here to Provide Advise

Collectively we have decades of experience helping businesses with their compliance issues and also providing advise to help them achieve their objectives.

Rainer Hughes Solicitors

The work of HGA has always been of the highest quality. The team pays great attention to detail. It is very important in today’s world of services to have an individual or firm that listens to you and understands your needs. I have experienced that HGA operate with that mindset. The team at HGA is creative and solution driven. This is very encouraging in today's service industry with its ever changing rules and regulations. Mr Naveed Ahmad is an expert in the legal services industry and understands the most complex issues. He has also managed to form a well trained team.

I would strongly recommend their services, especially to Law Firms that require pro active advise and services.

Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design

HGA have been doing my accounts for several years now. They are reliable and provide excellent value for money. We meet once a year to review the accounts and plan a course of action for the following year. Apart from that I don't really speak to them that much which is a good thing! I recommend them.

Rashid & Rashid Law Firm

I have been dealing with HGA Chartered Accountants for a number of years. They are one of the few Firms that are experts in Law Society Financial matters. They have not only provided timely services, they have gone out of their way to form financial structures that are compliant with the SRA rules. Mr Naveed Ahmad has been advising us on various matters relating to the firm and also personal taxation matters. I cannot stress enough the value they have provided over the years through their proactive approach. For any law firm looking for exceptional understanding of the SRA rules and great service, I would strongly recommend HGA Chartered Accountants.

Resonance Voice Limited

I have been a client of HGA for some time now, probably approaching 10 years! Naveed stepped in when another firm had let me down rather badly and I have stayed ever since. The company is remarkable for its efficiency in returning calls, answering queries, getting accounts filed on time and my tax burden is always acceptable. All of this work is carried out in the most courteous and friendly way imaginable. For a time I had a period of home book-keeping visits which worked well for me. Now I am out of London everything still works very well digitally and through email and phone; the least efficient member of the team is me.

The Science Of Beauty Limited

I have engaged HGA Chartered Accountants to carry out accounting and other financial work for almost the best part of a decade. During this period, I am able to confirm that their work has always been performed promptly, efficiently, with forensic thoroughness and to a high standard. The staff that I have had dealings with, Naveed Ahmad and Wasim Attari, have proved to be consistently cordial and helpful, demonstrating an encouraging awareness of the fact that they are handling the affairs of the layman, and thus taking care to explain issues in a clear, concise and straightforward manner. I would strongly recommend this firm.

Hat Group